Goku Bracku


Goku Black is the main antagonist (thus far) in Super’s new story arc and there is so much explaining that needs to happen.

Sara and Mowgli toss around a few ideas, landing on a possible tie in with Xenoverse. The Kaioshin and time travel are definitely involved; Mowgli thinks Black could have become a god of destruction.

Or maybe Northern Kai is sick of Goku killing him (and his friends and his planet) so he’s exacting revenge by framing him?

Regardless, it makes for more Vegeta/Goku fan service fights.

A Sleepy Sunday Afternoon

After spending all weekend drinking with our newly married buddy we just want to watch DB Super, jerk off, and go to sleep.

Kind of a DB Super spoiler (Goku goes fucking HAM on Hit), but in all honesty you deserve itĀ if you’re not caught up by now.