Rolling 1s in the Dating Scene Pt 1

Dating, and online dating especially, can be pretty great – fucking people, fucking with people, meeting weirdos, being the weirdo – but it can also be super frustrating. In this long anticipated cast, Mowgli and Sara vent their frustrations with the opposite sex.

Part one focuses on Sara’s critical failures such as meeting a boy she actually liked and getting yelled at online by someone she doesn’t remember fucking.

Somehow everyone is just the worst.

I Fuck in a Bed Like an Adult (with special guests Jess, Veronica, and Fred)


The gang is here to help you get laid.

Mowgli muses on how the Sith pick up chicks. It starts with force choking and ends with rape. Quicksilver/Flash has a similar tactic: Running around raping people too quickly for them to notice they’ve been violated.

Sara shares handy dating tips if you find yourself walking down a dark alley with a potential mate or if you want to fuck a sheep (the right way).

Nice Nips, Sugar Tush!


It’s not fair that men get to have all the fun of yelling at strangers, so Sara is going to try her hand at catcalling. But first she and Mowgli have to figure out what to say.

Whether it’s for a social experiment or getting laid is irrelevant.

Trigger Warning! (with special guest Sarah)

Yeah, our housemate’s name is also Sara(h). Mowgli was really happy he didn’t have to learn a new name.

While we do discuss trigger warnings, we mostly just talk about rape.

Mowgli and Sara realize they attract certain types of people.

Is that a bottle in your vagina or are you just happy to see me? (with special guest Mychael)

We start off with a couple surprisingly coherent thoughts on eugenics, but it swiftly devolves to autism and vaginas.

A Sleepy Sunday Afternoon

After spending all weekend drinking with our newly married buddy we just want to watch DB Super, jerk off, and go to sleep.

Kind of a DB Super spoiler (Goku goes fucking HAM on Hit), but in all honesty you deserve itĀ if you’re not caught up by now.