Dice Rollers


Cartoons are the best way to motivate 90’s kids and after watching HarmonQuest, Sara and Mowgli decided to blow the dust off their dice and play Dungeons & Dragons again.

Sara’s going to be DMing a short session so she’s giving Mowgli a summary of what they’ll be doing and the characters they’ll be doing it to.

If all goes well, we’re planning to do a Vampire: The Masquerade game and Sara’s going to try to convince people to do an Animorphs campaign with her.

Suicide Gods


Suicide Squad didn’t make any fucking sense, but at least we got drunk.

The acting was adequate, fight scenes were blah, Enchantress wiggled a bunch, and we’re not entirely sure what the plot was.

(The government needed deniability so they gathered up a bunch of villains, but during that process one of them escapes and…acts like a villain. To maintain deniability, the government sends in its troops and helicopters – oh yeah, and those villains – to fight Putties and blow up the mess it created. Right?)

If you have a problem with Jared Leto’s Joker, don’t worry about it; he’s only in the movie for about three minutes.

Also, Mowgli regales Sara with bible stories.

Children Believe Anything, That’s Why it’s Fun to Lie to Them (with special guest Jess)


Virtually all of America’s problems can be solved with better education. Our education expert, Jess, demonstrates the practical difficulties with not lying to children anymore.

The world is a shitty place and if we don’t illuminate that fact to kids they won’t feel the need to make it better.